Post Weekend

It's been approximately forever since I've taken enough (or any) photos over a weekend that was somewhat worthwhile to write about.

Since about the time I started feeling all bleh from being pregnant in fact.  Like that's a coincidence.

So.  Last weekend before daddy leaves to work out-of-town be like:

Hanging with friends (both big and small), who just so happen to have an awesome piano. I'll leave to your imagination the sound that filled the house with these three virtuosos at the keys.  (I think "cacophony" would be a polite word for it.)

Also, you can tell that the wonderful friends whose house we took over don't have kids yet, because they had time to make adorable snacks like this:

(Fan of the grapes.)

(Fan of using her finger to lick up the peanut butter from the graham cracker.)

We also be like:

Last chance to use daddy as a trampoline.  At least until next weekend.

And, most importantly:


Family run (in least the little ones) for ice cream.

(If you're local, this is our favorite ice cream in town.  Super creamy, the Sequoya location has kid-friendly tables and a play area, and the S'mores flavor is on point, yo.)

The next day we had to say the first of many weekly good-byes to come.

Of course, the best picture I could get of this be like:

I missed a golden photo opportunity (all three looking, smiling, everyone's head in view) by about .578 seconds.  As usual.

We calmed ourselves with a walk after waving a tearful bye-bye as daddy pulled away.

Don't sit too close to each other, guys.  You might confuse someone into thinking that you like each other.

(Got any black speckled rocks?  Go fish.)

One day down, four to go.

Can't wait until next weekend, daddy!