Minivan Mama

Recently, at the tender age of 28, I became the driver of...

a minivan.

(A 2013 Toyota Sienna XLE if you wanna get all specific-like.)

With Baby Three on the way, we desperately needed to upgrade (y'know, to something that would actually fit three not the Prius).  I fought it.  I really did.

Self: We need a bigger car.  Like an SUV.
Self 2: Or a minivan?
Self: NO.  NOT a minivan.  I'm young.  I'm not giving up on life so easily.  Like an SUV. With three rows.
Self 2: A Suburban?
Self: Jeesh.  That's like driving a semi.  Try again.
Self 2: If you get a minivan, you get those doors that open at the touch of a button.
Self: You are NOT gonna lure me in that easily.
Self 2: A minivan would actually have room for three carseats, a double stroller, AND groceries.
Self: Forget groceries.  We'll manage.
Self 2: And the cupholders!  Look at all the cupholders!
Self: Oooo here's a pretty silver one.  Where do I sign?

Okay, it wasn't quite like that.  But once I saw this one I did reaaallllllllyyy like it.  And the power doors (including the back door, squeeee!) make me feel like a parking lot wizard when I pull up and hit all three buttons at the same time.  It is truly glorious.  

The gas mileage is killer, especially coming from the Prius, but obviously we knew that.

And when we drive on longer trips?  This is my view:

(What are we going to do with all this room?)

(Happy because of the new(ish) car?  Nope, those grins are because they have snacks.)

Instead of this:

I'm still cool guys, I swear.