Have Little Kids? Summer is Awesome

I keep seeing blog posts about how summer is so terrible, the kids need to be entertained all the time, 973 ways to survive the summer, blah blah whiney-cakes.

And okay, I'll cut you all out there with school-age kids some slack.  It does have to kind of suck when the kids go from being in school for the better part of every weekday to being home 24/7.

But for us mamas of little ones out there: Summer.  Is.  AWESOME.  Our kids need to be entertained and taken care of already the whole year through, and NOW we have the addition of outside activites.  It's a summer miracle!  This makes it SO MUCH EASIER than the 236th day in a row of so...what can we do inside?  Again?

(Okay, at least for those of us in the cooler regions.  In my head all y'all in Cali-exas-orida get to go outside year-round, so maybe summer isn't quite the boon there that it is to the rest of us.)

Having the option to go outside makes all the difference when I'm trying to plan another thing to do to get us out of the house.  Here's a list of things that have been added to our weeks since the weather has warmed up (which here, means since it broke about 45 degrees):

  • walks
  • parks/playgrounds
  • farmers markets
  • the zoo
  • our complex's pool
  • our own kiddie pool
  • the splash pad
  • playing outside.  period.

Which is great, since this was basically our list when it was winter:
  • Target
  • the grocery store
  • the mall
  • grand tour of the city's libraries
  • ...
  • Target again?
Here's to summer!