Post Weekend

He came...

He defended...


Tyson defended his PhD thesis on Friday and is now officially a doctor.  Or at least will be once the official paperwork gets filed.  Whatever.  That he passed his defense is good enough for me.  (Tyson: DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE OFFICIAL PAPERWORK.  Love, Me)

(When his advisor came out into the hallway to tell him "congratulations", Tyson turned to me (talking to someone further down the hall) and said, "I just passed."  I threw my hands up in celebration, and his advisor laughed and said, "Well, there wasn't ever really a question..."  Good.  But YES.  Yes there was.  Until you actually sign off I DON'T TRUST IT TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN.)

So the rest of the weekend we got to (get this):


WITH Daddy!

Something which these two are pretty good at:

Also: beer.  Beer was involved.

My cousin and his girlfriend were able to swing through town, so we went to brunch (breakfast burger FT(delicious)W) and to a nearby brewery.

I would just like to point out that Caden is wearing shorts from LAST summer.  Which fit him better than the ones I bought him for THIS summer.  As in they actually stay up over his (nonexistent) butt, instead of falling down the second he stands up.  He's a fourteen-month old trapped in a six-month's body.  Or at least with a six-month old's derriere.