Post Weekend


(Injuries: Caden tripping over my foot resulting in a goose egg on the forehead.)


(Injuries: Caden falling backwards off of this contraption onto the sand.)

Snack Time

(Injuries: none to report.)

Twin-y-Twins-on-the-Couch Time

(Injuries: Brooklyn falling off the couch and bonking her head.  Damaged pride and general embarrassment when they are about 15 and look back at this photo.)

Caden-Now-Loves-to-Lounge-on-the-Floor-Just-Outside-of-the-Kitchen Time

(Injuries: none, though I came close to tripping over him several times.)


(Injuries: slight burns to my hand from the oil splattering as the fish cooked.  Worth it.)

(Prosciutto-Wrapped Cod with Chorizo and Cannellini Beans.  One of the most delicious, quickest (30 minutes, tops), and easiest things I've made in awhile that looks and tastes like it took a lot longer than it actually did.  Note: I added a splash of white wine along with the broth as the beans cooked.  That was a wise decision.)