The Longest of Weeks

Even the good weeks with twins are long.  

This past week was not particularly good.  It was especially long.  Like El-Oh-En-Gee LONG.

Maybe we were spoiled with the nice weather from a couple weeks ago, but I got used to taking them out of the house twice a day: errand in the morning, walk and/or park in the afternoon, or just going outside on the deck to eat a snack and crawl around for a bit, and then BAM!  Hi!  You live in the Midwest!  Mother Nature decided to remind us of that this week with cold (but probably closer to normal) temperatures and some March snow.  Yay!  I don't care if this happens every year, March snow is always a disappointment.  Not that I can't take them out of the house just because it snowed (hello, I grew up in Minnesota), but that automatically took away our walk/park option.  And they were used to going outside and decided that it was their New Most Favorite Thing Ever so they now  constantly look longingly at the patio door, and reach for the handle hopefully.

Though we were actually shut-ins here for the better part of Monday and Tuesday because Caden decided to get pink-eye, so he was super contagious like omg don't let him around other people srsly.  (I would like to report, for the record, that neither Tyson, I, nor Brooklyn, aka the one who shares the same pacifiers and sippy cups and slobbers on all the same toys as him, have gotten pink-eye.  I mean, I tried to keep their things separate for the first day or so, but try telling a 13-month old that, "No, you can't drink out of the green cup because yours is the red cup even though they otherwise look exactly the same and I usually let you drink out of whatever darn cup you want because there is only so much I can police but Caden is sick and highly contagious with germs today so don't even touch it!" It...doesn't work very well.)

Then Tyson has a paper deadline this coming week, before Easter, and he basically becomes a hibernating-one-track-mind-shut-in-typing-typing-typing-maniac before a paper is due.  I mean, even more than he usually is.  So...he's not exactly a help right now.  Or not much, anyway. We will all breathe a sigh of relief when this paper is done.  (But wait! Then he has to write his thesis in a time span of less than a month.  Nvm.)

And these two have been pretty clingy lately.  I've spent about five times longer putting together items to distract them than they've actually spent distracted.  I get them interested in an activity, after at least ten minutes of one or the other or both (pushing and shoving) on my lap, and sneak away to get approximately 3.5 dishes unloaded from the dishwasher before I see a little head peering around the corner.  Or, more accurately, hearing the whines as someone crawls along to discover where I am.

Oh, and then Brooklyn decided to start cutting two more teeth.


Looking here, I guess we had more fun than I thought.

(Fingerpainting has made a comeback.)

(A rare moment of peek-a-boo with Dada.)

(Lots of walking practice.)

(Apparently pants were optional around here.)

(Grand tour of our local libraries this week, just to get out of the freaking house.  For free.)

Even through the longest of weeks...the dishes might not be clean, the laundry might not be folded, dinner might be more on the quick-and-easy side of things, mommy's patience might have left two days ago, Tyson and I might not have had a real conversation (him trying to explain his paper to me doesn't count)but...the kids are all right.