Post Weekend

Tulips!  Day one vs. day two:


(Brought to me by Tyson.  With a little assistance from my possibly over-aggressive hinting that: Hey! It's spring!  That means it's time for tulips.  I like tulips!  They're my favorite!  I saw tulips at the store just down the street today!  Did you get me any tulips yet?  Just...go buy some tulips.)

To keep with our tulip-y spring theme, we went to a family spring EGG-stravaganza omg!!! this weekend.  It was...okay.  Might have been more fun if these two were a little older, and there were lines for EVERYTHING.  Plus I forgot how pushy people are when their precious snowflake children are involved, and there were a lot of parents who jumped in front of us for activities, prodding their kids forward to things we were clearly waiting for.  And they call this current generation of children entitled!  Gee, how can that be?!?

But looking back at pictures, I think Caden and Brooklyn had some fun anyway.

(Most of the pictures I took of these two with Tyson looked like this, because Caden kept dropping his blue Easter egg.  Gravity!)


Caden: What are my idiot parents doing to me now?  This is stupid and slightly terrifying. Brooklyn: Is there there?

We went outside for the Easter egg hunt.  Though I would use the term "hunt" loosely, since the eggs were just scattered all over the wide-open spread of artificial turf.


Which was fine by us-all these two wanted to do was put the same handful of eggs in, and take them back out of their basket anyway.  Over and over and over again...

Woah!  The same yellow egg I just put in my basket a second ago!  Amazing!


Better put it back in the basket for safekeeping.


(And take it back out, and put it back in, etc., etc., etc...)

Other than that, we had a pretty lazy weekend.

Watched some basketball...

Read some books...

(Shown: Blue Hat, Green Hat, one of Brooklyn's favorites.  And mine and Tyson's.  Silly turkey!)

And just hung around looking cute...

Oh, and remember how this post started with tulips?

Well, this is today (hint, look out the window):

 Happy spring!