One (1!)

These two...

...are one.

(And really excited about it!  Just check out those eyebrows!)

People keep asking, "Oh my gosh, can you believe they're one?!?"

Um...yes.  Believe me, they we I have earned every one of the past 365 days.  And nights. And then some.

I dunno...I guess in some ways it's hard to remember life without them.  This year has been so full, and wonderful, and long, and challenging, that it doesn't really feel like the time has exactly flown by.

Then again...

...taking a look at these...

(Check out the roll on those sleeves!  The newborn clothes don't even fit!!!)

(Hey Caden, wake up!  We're here, now!)

(Wookit da scrawny shoulder!  Just wook at it!)


Was that just a year ago?  Really?

And now it's THIS:

(Brooklyn is getting her groove on.)

Who are those almost-but-not-quite toddlers?  When did they learn to sit and smile and point and clap and all that?

Okay.  Fine.  I guess it is a little hard to believe, after all.

Happy FIRST birthday, my two little loves!