Post-Weekend (and Then Some)

This girl partied harder than I did on my birthday. She woke up the next morning in her crib, still wearing her clothes from the night before, and had no idea how she got there. (She fell asleep in the car on our way home from a friend's house.  We got her unbuckled, up the stairs, into our apartment, took off her snowsuit, zipped her in her sleep sack, and put her in bed, all without her waking up.)

Usually this is what bedtime looks like around here:

HAHAHA!!!  I'm not going to bed without a fight, suckers!

This is what bedtime does not look like:

That, my friends, is a rare moment of Caden not in action.  Confine him to a chair and the embrace of your arms will you?  No way, dude, he's going to crazy squirm and wiggle and give you some awesome backflip action outta there.  Unless you have a Touchy-Feely (Tyson and me: hee hee hee) book.  Kid loves those things.

(P.s.  I was looking for more Usborne Touchy-Feely books earlier today, and found two called "That's Not My Baby" (one for a boy and one for a girl).  I thought, "Oh, how cute! They love those books!  I'll buy them for Valentine's Day or their birthday or something." NOPE.  These books have been like discontinued or something, and are now commanding upwards of seventy-frigging-dollars on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and virtually everywhere else I checked (besides the used ones, which, if other people's kids are anything like mine, they're chewed all to hell and the book won't even close properly anymore). WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND IS SPENDING THAT MUCH ON A BOOK FOR A BABY (see: chewing, etc. above)?!?  Forget investing in Beanie Babies, like everyone was trying to do when I was in fourth grade.  Should've gotten in on some Touchy-Feely books.)