Thing One and Thing Two (aka First Halloween)

"'In this box are two things I will show to you now.  You will like these two things,' said the cat with a bow.  'I will pick up the hook.  You will see something new.  Two things, and I call them Thing One and Thing Two.'" 

Things don't get much cuter than that,

Though smaller, Thing Two was a bit rough, and kept trying to attack Thing One.

He didn't seem to mind too much, though.

Thing One doesn't even know what's coming...

Caden unmasked!  Or...un...wigged?  De-wigged?

Either way, Caden's head shrunk by three sizes that day.

Actually several times that day...

"Haha!  Look what I've got!"

Don't let their cuteness fool you.  These Things are just as mischievious as the ones in the book.

They did surprisingly well keeping their costumes on for most of the day (except when they were ripping each other's wigs off).  We started out the day in something equally festive, though not quite as outlandishly adorable.

The first Halloween is kind of weird to celebrate, since it's basically pointless to actually take them trick-or-treating for candy they can't eat (Though I'll admit that I considered it.  I mean, SOMEBODY would have had to eat all that sweet, sweet candy...), but you still want to dress them up because it's ridiculously cute.  So basically the saying "all dressed up but no place to go" is quite applicable here.  Like I said, they spent the better part of the day in their costumes just because (which was also one of the most hysterical things I have ever seen, to see these little blue-haired munchkins crawling, pulling themselves up, and playing all over the place), and I also took them to my old workplace to show them off.  Then in the evening we stopped by a friend's house for a while to hang out.  So, in the end, it actually turned out to be a pretty good day with Thing Two...

...and Thing One.

Oh, and this Third Guy Thing, too.