Life, Lately

Brooklyn is the weirdest eater.

We tried rice cereal, oatmeal, avocados, and sweet potatoes.  Girl would eat nothing.  She would sit there politely with her mouth sealed in a tight, impenetrable line.  If a spoonful did manage to make it past enemy lines, she would usually swallow, but made no move to open up her mouth for more once the spoon appeared again.

I couldn't figure it out.  Did she not understand the spoon?  Did she not like the spoon?  Did she really not like any of the food (even though, again, when food did make it into her mouth, she would usually eat it without complaint)?

(Caden, in typical male fashion, obediently opens up his mouth anytime he even sees a spoon, and eats virtually anything.)

And then we tried bananas.



Bananas were so good that she actually kept sucking on her bib to suck up any residual banana that had dripped there.

And since then, she has eaten all foods without complaint.  Now when we try oatmeal, rice cereal, avocados, or sweet potatoes?  No problem.  It's like bananas were her gateway drug to all other food.  We've since tried apples and pumpkin, too, and...yum!  Bananas were the first time she even willingly opened her mouth for the spoon, and now she does it all the time.  I don't understand it.  She still doesn't (usually) eat quite as much as Caden, but I think she's just more aware of when she is and isn't hungry and/or full.

This little monster devours everything.


It doesn't matter where you put these two, they always squirm and army crawl and belly-flop their way over to each other.

(Not pictured: approximately .003240987 seconds after this picture was taken, when Brooklyn started FREAKING out because "Moooooooo-ooommmmmm!!!  He's touching me!")

Yes, they were both eating each other's feet at the same time (and no complaints about their sibling touching them, either).

And why bother with toys, when the toy's storage bin is so much more interesting?