We had our first smiles here a couple of weeks ago.  The first real, "I'm happy and want to show the world" smiles, not "this is either just gas or a completely random facial expression" smiles.

They are still a pretty rare occurrence, though (suddenly, a wild smile appears!).  I finally got some photographic evidence of their smiles at playtime, which apparently was extra-fun yesterday.  

Ok, this is admittedly not a smile.  It is a pretty cute Caden mouth, though.

Iterations of a Brooklyn smile.  And then we remembered that we had a tongue, which is our favorite part of our anatomy right now.

Caden is not impressed.

Or is he?

Those last two pictures make it look like Caden is some sort of massive chubs, which he is absolutely not.  Weird angle?  In fact I'm really curious to go to their next doctor appointment.  I would not be surprised if Brooklyn outweighs him by a good pound.  Girl can eat.

The best part of their smiles is when they are more purposeful.  Like when I went to get Brooklyn out of her bassinet yesterday and she broke into smiles once she saw me.  I'd like to think it was the mere sight of me that could cause such elation, but in her head she was probably thinking nothing more than, "Yes...FOOD!"  I'll take what I can get.