20 Weeks

20 weeks (and 6 days), and it's still hard to believe that we are going to have two babies. My belly is expanding, my back hurts more, and I'm still in bed by about 9:00 every night, yet I can forget I'm even pregnant sometimes. Although A and B don't seem to have any problem giving my belly some not-so-gentle reminder kicks every so often (like whoever is kicking me in the belly button right now...you could totally stop doing that).  I can feel their kicks getting stronger (not like two weeks ago when "was that a baby...or just my stomach?" was the norm). Tyson can even feel them, and sometimes they're so strong they startle me.

I thought that maybe getting to see them again last week would make it more believable. While it was fun, and they were moving around like crazy, it's still weird to think that there are TWO LITTLE PEOPLE INSIDE OF ME.

A is the stubborn one (I'm convinced it's a feisty little girl, Tyson thinks it's a boy), and while he/she was moving around like crazy, they just wouldn't turn around so we could get a good angle to see his/her face.  He/she really liked showing off their spine though...

B was much more photogenic, and started with this feet-above-the-head maneuver just to show off after how stubborn A was being. Then he/she decided to go for the ultimate in cuteness and start sucking his/her thumb.

Tyson and I think they're pretty darn cute.