Pregnant...with Twins

So I've been kind of quiet on here.

As should be obvious from my last post, things have NOT been quiet in real life.  Not by a long shot...


Yup, that happened.  Also, I just posted a picture of a stick that I peed on.  You're welcome.

And then THIS happened...

!!! !!!

Yes, there are two baby Williamses on their way.  Look out, world.

So far this is what being pregnant with twins is like.

  1. It's exhausting.  I'm tired all of the time.  It's getting a little bit better, but I'm still in bed by about 8:00 every night.  A couple of nights it's even been 7:00.  And this from a girl who's usually up until at least 10:30-11:00 (and let's not even talk about what my sleep schedule was like in college).  I have no idea if this is what it's "normally" like to be pregnant, since I have absolutely nothing to compare this to.  I'm just tired all the freaking time.
  2. Your entire vocabulary changes.  We started with expecting "a baby", calling it "it" (which isn't the prettiest of pronouns), talked about "the three of us", etc.  Now we're expecting "babies", and "they" will make "FOUR of us".  It's crazy.
  3. Everything is times two.  I know that sounds obvious, but it really hits you.  I had a whole nursery planned in my head for one.  So far, finding things for two hasn't been the easiest, and they don't always have examples in the stores (i.e. double strollers).  Also I babysat for a friend's adorable, single, one-year old awhile ago, and I kept thinking, "I will be doing all of this...times two."  Wiping sticky little hands...times two.  Changing diapers...times two.  Buckling into strollers...times two.  Cutting up food into teeny little pieces...times two.
  4. It's incredibly fun.  Not everyone gets to have twins, after all.  (Although look for a future post, "Annoying Things People Have Said Now That We're Expecting Twins".)  We had so much fun first telling our families that we were pregnant, and then, a few weeks later, that it was twins!  It was like getting to tell them we were pregnant all over again.  And now that we are telling more people who didn't know before, we get to do the one-two punch, "Hey guys, I'm pregnant!" *cue cheering and congratulations* "But that's not's twins!"  *cue stunned silence before even more cheering and congratulations*  I have to's ridiculously fun to get to make that announcement.
  5. Your plans completely change.  I went from having a firm plan in my head about time off, and what transitioning back to work would look like, while Tyson would be able to watch a lone baby part-time.  NO WAY with twins.  First, it's twice the babies.  We can't expect Tyson to watch two babies part time and still graduate in a year.  Second, it's TWICE THE BABIES.  What I would make going back part time just isn't enough (or barely) to put two kids in daycare (which I don't really want to do anyway), so I'd basically be going back to work to be in debt to daycare.  And since we don't have family around (aka FREE daycare), we don't really have another option.  No idea how Tyson's being-in-school salary is going to stretch that far, but God clearly has a plan.  And on the incredibly bright side-hey, early retirement!  At least for awhile!  Woo-hoo!