Post Weekend

(Note: I hate blog post titles.  They're the worst.  This isn't even really post-weekend so much as it is post-Sunday.  Plus most of my blog posts could just be titled: "Hey Take a Look at These Two Cute Babies Doing Cute Things.  Again.")

(Of course now that I just said all that I've made myself into a lying-liar because these first two pictures are from SATURDAY.  But the rest are from Sunday, swearsies.)

This is my view most days as I am trying to eat breakfast and/or lunch and/or a snack (unless we are eating at the same time, which sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't, and most days ends up with my food ending up completely ice cold as I constantly refill their trays/pick up dropped food/make them MORE food/etc.).

"Oh hai!"

It's not a bad view, but I also can't shake the feeling that they look like little dogs just waiting for me to drop them some scraps.

We tried blueberries for the first time, (specifically, these banana pancakes which I added blueberries to), which seemed like a great idea when I saw the blueberries in the store, but then remembered when I got home that...oh yeah.  Blueberries=messy.

Really the photos do not quite capture the blueberries in all their juicy glory.

Especially the blueberry-stained fingers.

Mess aside, they seem to have been a hit.

We ate (mostly) naked, with a sheet on the floor, and scrubbed down good after.

Tyson was gone for most of the weekend again (cue reinforcements of the grandma variety), but they saved one of their biggest discoveries for when he got home:

The cabinets.  There's stuff inside of them.  Minds=blown.  (Annnnddd...that tin foil box got taken away after I realized, oh yeah, sharp teeth.  Not so much for babies.)

Caden has especially enjoyed standing up and banging the cabinet doors repeatedly against the frame for the past couple of weeks, but then discovered that, hey...the stays open!

Caden: "This is AWESOME!"

Action shot of flying tupperware!



This all seems to be in order.

Not shown: Caden absolutely BIFFING it into the side of the cabinet right after I took these pictures, resulting in a perfect little cut next to his eye (which was a lot more red and puffy and whole-side-of-the-face-consuming yesterday).  Nice one, me!  But after I consoled his wails for all of thirty seconds, all he wanted to do was get back down on the floor and play, so...yeah.  Might as well take some more photos there.

He immediately became obsessed with the rolling pin, banging and rolling it across the floor.  You're welcome, People That Live Below Us!

Caden also started CRAWLING last night.  Like belly off the floor.  He is the most spectacular army crawler ever, and super fast, (although Brooklyn crawls "normally", it would be pretty close if they were in a race) (and yes, OF COURSE I've tried to get them to race before, but so far it hasn't really worked), and last night after his bath he just...up and started crawling on his hands and knees.  (I tried to get a video of it, but Tyson jinxed it all by saying, "Oh that will be easy to do." after I expressed my desire for said video, which of course resulted in NO GOOD VIDEO WHATSOEVER.)

Today he seems to be back to only army crawling, THANK GOODNESS.  I love his army crawling way too much for him to just give it up altogether.