Post Weekend (aka the Giraffe of Terror)

We gave the babies one of their Christmas presents over the weekend, since there was no way I was dragging this thing back and forth to my parents house.  (Y'know, since with the Prius and all it'd be either bring the babies' present or bring the babies.  Decisions.)

The anticipation...

(No babies were harmed in the opening of this present.)

Yay - cardboard and plastic bags!  Just what we wanted!'s a giraffe!  A rocking giraffe!  I love Brooklyn's expression here, like, "Ta da!  Look at that!  It wasn't just a plastic bag after all!"

This is the first and last time Caden willingly got this close to the giraffe.  Because then...

Well, this was Tyson's expression when he accidentally hit a button on the back of the giraffe's head and music started playing.  It was...not good.  

This is Caden melting down over the terrible music, half of whose lyrics I couldn't even understand.  It was loud, poorly done, and admittedly kind of creepy.  (As Brooklyn looks on with a bemused expression, nonplussed by either the giraffe, it's music, or Caden's terror.)  Now when I bought the giraffe, I didn't even know that it played music until I was about to check out and happened to see the full description.  I just wanted a giraffe.  That rocked.  The end.  As Tyson said, they are solving a problem that doesn't exist by having the giraffe play music...I mean, do they have to put electronics in everything?  But I figured, whatever, the giraffe was cute and they like buttons, it'll be fine.  (Besides, I got a wicked good deal on it.)  And don't you think that somewhere in the reviews someone would have mentioned that the music sounds like it was created by Satan himself?  The only reviews I saw that referenced the music at all mentioned that the buttons were hard to push (which...ours weren't.  At all.  As evidenced by the music being played by accident in the first place.)

Thankfully there is an off switch.  And I have a feeling it will stay that way, now and forever, amen.

At first Brooklyn was all, what are these fools making me do now?

But then she was all, yee-haw!



...there.  I coaxed a smile out of him.  Almost.  Sort of.  (Those eyebrows!  They get me every time.)

Brooklyn now loves the thing and smiles and hugs it while she's rocking.  She also crawls over, touches his nose, kisses (aka eats) his nose, and giggles.  It's adorable.

We're gonna chalk this one up as a win.

Not related, but also...

 who is this big kid, and where did he come from?