Post (Thanksgiving) Weekend

These two turkeys enjoyed their first Thanksgiving, even if they had no idea what it was all about.

(Best outtake ever.)

Food.  It was about the food.  Still is about the food for them.  Brooklyn can put down turkey like nobody's business.  She's probably about eaten her weight in turkey in the past five days.

Oh that turkey?

Kay, here's a smile, now...turkey?

Please?  This is lame.

*garbled chewing sounds*

Stuff their face?  Who, me?

It was also about that black box in our living room suddenly coming to life and showing moving pictures.  Parades! People singing!  People cheering!  People in funny outfits chasing after a ball and colliding with each other!  That was pretty interesting.

But mostly it was about the food.

Tyson took pride in carving the turkey this year.  Mostly because he didn't forget the talking-to he got the last time we hosted Thanksgiving.  When I asked him to carve the turkey he looked up from where he had been parked afternoon on the floor, watching football, looked at me incredulously, and said, "What?  I don't know how to carve a turkey."

Y'know.  Because I roast twelve-pound birds every day.

Lucky for him this year, he did a good job.

Okay, so actually Thanksgiving was mostly about the family.


This is Caden pre-gaming for Thanksgiving last week.

He fell asleep so hard that Tyson and I were able to remove his tray and bib, unstrap him from his high chair, and maneuver him onto the floor (onto a towel, since he was covered in rice/miscellaneous food bits/was basically an ever-loving mess).