It Has Begun to Look... least a little bit like Christmas.

(A few of my favorites from their Christmas photos.)

We put up only a little pre-lit, three-foot tree for Christmas this year, since our normal-sized tree would only be attacked by two miniature people, (not to mention that it has this glittery snow stuff on it that they would ingest/be perpetually covered in/get EVERYWHERE).  I didn't even bother to really decorate it except for some ribbon, with the idea that if they touch it =  no big deal.  And of course, because it's something that they can totally touch/is right at their level/have full access to, they completely ignore it.  Brooklyn has given one of the lights a poke with her little pointer finger approximately once.  Maybe twice.  The only reason I got any of these pictures is because I plopped them both right in front of it and then took out my camera.  Not that they really even bothered with the tree...

Hey Brooklyn - look at this bear!  LOOK AT IT!!!!1!!


Imma eat your face off, bear.

I decided that this is Brooklyn's bear, since his fur has a reddish tone, like hers...

...and this is Caden's bear.  Pale on pale.  Seems appropriate.

Of course, the tree, bears, etc. will all be forgotten when there is an expensive piece of technology in the vicinity.

And then all Christmas-related decor was abandoned, as they went on their merry way to literally go play on top of a pile of toys.  Hey, y'know what we should do?  Have a holiday in a couple of weeks where they get MORE toys!  *facepalm*