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Caden: now is my chance!

(This was right after I wrote this, so...yeah.  Post something on the internet and all your dreams will come true!)


Floor picnics are where it's at, yo.

Sometimes it feels like all I do is 1) Make food.  2) Serve food/ration out portions of food/make sure no one is choking on food.  3) Clean up mess (oh lordy, the mess).  Which consequently makes it seem like they spend most of their waking hours in their high chair.  Solution: floor picnic!  Which, this was a quick snack (with dry, fairly non-messy foods) on a day that they slept late and were already going to have an early dinner (so I could go out for drinks with the ladies.  Priorities.) but it worked.  You could tell that they knew this was an unusual thing, because they kept looking around and grinning.

And also stuffing their faces as fast as they could.

What you can't see is the pile of snacks that surround Caden, since his method of eating remains 1) pick up as much food as possible in his tiny fists and 2) get 1-2 pieces of said food into mouth, resulting in a small mountain of food pieces to pile up around him.


Also, because adorable (apparently dinner is exhausting):

The best part is that when he woke up, he started, waving his arms, which upended his bucket bib over his head, completely covering him in rice.  Then, without missing a beat, he began shoveling fistfulls of rice into his face.  Because it's totally normal to wake up to mountains of freshly prepared food in front of you.

(Wouldn't that be nice?)