Things Twins Do

For one, they ALWAYS end up next to each other...

...usually while getting into mischief...

(Brooklyn: Uh-oh, we're caught.)

...and there is no such thing as privacy.

In fact, since their other favorite thing (besides being next to each other) is using me as a jungle gym, I successfully changed Caden's diaper yesterday while Brooklyn determinedly crawled over the top of him, into my lap, and pulled up to standing using my shoulder.  The differences between boys and girls are going to be no mystery to these two.

Don't let him fool you, he gets fed, too.  He just doesn't take OVER AN HOUR to eat lunch. Of course as soon as I took him out of his high chair he crawled over to Brooklyn and started begging for food like a little puppy.  He may or may not have eaten some of the crumbs that she dropped.


This guy is pretty cute-just check out that grin.  And he has finally mastered sitting up.  It was going to turn into one of those issues, y'know, since you're supposed to let the doctor know if they aren't sitting up by nine months, and we're just a couple weeks away from that milestone.  He could sit up very assisted while being supported by me or pillows, though usually he would just sink back into the pillows and roll over to army crawl somewhere more interesting (aka to get into baby-safe things like plastic bags, and electical cords) within mere seconds.  And he is.  Sitting up just fine, thank you very much.

(Well what do you expect with my 80th-percentile head on top of my 5th-percentile body weight, lady?)

(In retrospect I feel like he was just fooling us all.  I mean, if you're going to hold me up or prop me against some comfy pillows, why bother trying to do it any other way?)


Brooklyn makes this face constantly, especially when she's happy (which is most of the time).  It's hysterical.  She also snorts and breathes really fast while doing it.  Also, she voted, apparently.


New favorite food (as of tonight): mozzarella cheese.  Fresh mozzarella cheese.


Here, try some.

Nom, nom, nom it all!

You are interrupting my enjoyment of this deliciousness.

Also this is how Brooklyn eats every meal: right leg fully extended, pressed up underneath the high chair tray.  I moved her leg down for her once, thinking she somehow got it stuck, but no.  It went immediately back up into position.

And by titling this post "Things Twins Do" I guess what I really meant was "Things Caden and Brooklyn Do".  But that's okay, since those are the twins I care about.

Cue chorus of "Awwww...." 's