Where one goes...

...the other follows.  They take turns being the leader and the follower, but it's always the same; where you find one, you will find the other.

This weekend it was into our bedroom, which apparently was THE place to be.

Yeah, those sheets may or may not have been sitting there waiting to be folded for about two weeks.  Just ignore them and move on, buddy.

Brooklyn is still winning in the hair department.  But look!  (Closely!)  Caden has actually been getting a lot of hair.  Relatively speaking.

The main fascination was the window.

Though Caden also rekindled his relationship with the mirror.


"Guess what?  You have to wash this now!"

We were sick again (colds...though it's amazing how a cold can knock you out.  Especially when there are little people around that DON'T LET YOU FREAKING SLEEP.  Though in their defense, it was because they were also sick and couldn't breathe, which is actually a pretty legit reason to keep waking up), so mostly we done hung out at home.  (Hence the 2879 photos I took over the weekend.  Something to do besides stack up another tower of blocks + avoiding any real work I should be doing.  Good work, me.)  

The ottoman was also a favorite place to hang out, and make goofy faces.


"Let me be all adorable and twin-like and tell you a secret..."

"Just kidding!  Imma eat your ear!"

Daddy was available for cuddles when stuffy noses got to be just too much.

Also, Caden's turn to figure out the stairs.  (Please note the safety net poised below.)  He climbed up to the first step last night and up the first few steps today...we'll see if the interest continues.  (Fingers crossed for NO since I'm avoiding buying a baby gate.)  

"Dude, I got this."

Now prepping for Thanksgiving (buy ALL the food!  Vaccuum!  Dust!  Clean bathrooms!  Put toys away somewhere!  Anywhere!) and attempting to get over this stupid cold *cough cough*.  

Fingers crossed they can breathe and stay asleep tonight.