Post Weekend

All sorts of new things going on 'round these here parts.

First, Brooklyn decided to climb the stairs.  Though they have both virtually ignored the stairs their entire lives, that all changed on Friday.  Brooklyn crawled over to the stairs, pulled herself up onto the lower one, saw me coming down, and started climbing like it weren't no thang.  Caden cheered her on from below.

They have now gone back to ignoring them again, just leaving me in the mild terror that anytime I run upstairs to do any minor thing (Turn the dryer on!  Throw diapers in the diaper bag!  Grab a new shirt since yours is full of food/spit/slobber!) they will again remember and be halfway up them in the forty seconds it takes me to do said thing.

So there's that.

Saturday morning, we woke to the sounds of the pair of them babbling in their cribs and walked upstairs to find:

this adorableness.

"Y'know what would really make this morning meeting better?  Warm milk."

They continued to have many more meetings in this fashion throughout the weekend, clearly savoring their time after waking up to continue plotting the takeover of our household.

(Spoiler alert: hey guys, you've ALREADY taken over our household!)

I took some pictures on Friday, thinking about how big they looked sitting right up at the table ( big they looked with their sippy cups and all...), since their trays were being washed.  (Seriously, high chairs?  And the trays?  Those things get NASTY.  Can we invent a self-cleaning version here people?)

But that was no match for Saturday night, when we went out to eat and they sat in high chairs at the restaurant for the very first time.

They thought they were big shots.

What you can't see: they could have practically SHARED a high chair.  There was about eight times more chair than baby going on.  

Caden is pissed that we are eating burgers and fries and all he gets are star puffs.  Brooklyn is just glad there is food.

Seriously, what is this crap?

And there was even a chance to get a little spruced up for the coming holiday.