Life, Lately

This pictue pretty much sums up our happenings around here.  Babies always thisclose to me, thisclose to each other (actually, usually on top of me and/or each other), and toys everywhere.  Also, it's usually slightly blurry around here.


What should you do when you get home and your brother is sleeping peacefully in his car seat?

Why, wake him up of course.  Gently, like, by grabbing his arm and face.  And smacking his legs with your hand.

(Caden: Gah!  It's you!)

Not pictured: Brooklyn stealing his pacifier.  Which is probably why she crawled on over in the first place.


Since they spend 99.99999% of their time on top of or near each other, they tend to grab each other a lot.  At first it was hands and feet (which are apparently delicious), but now they grab fistfulls of each other's cheeks, poke each other's eyes, and stick their hands in each other's mouths.  And they think it is HILARIOUS.  If Tyson or I come at them with a soft, warm, washcloth to gently wipe their face, they are NOT having it, but if Caden tries to rip off Brooklyn's lower lip?  She giggles like none other.  Babies, man.

Of course, it's ridiculously adorable.  As long as you're patroling so they don't ACTUALLY claw each other's eyes out.


Standing is the coolest.  If either of them are fussy (particularly Caden), all you have to do is stand them up next to something and life.  Is.  AWESOME.  Of course, most of the time they are pulling themselves up and down on anything and everything (Brooklyn a bit more gracefully than Caden.  Until very recently, the best that could be said of his Getting-Down-From-Standing-On-Things skillz was that he was falling...with style.  Or he would just stand forever, since pulling himself up was one thing, but getting back down?  Nah.  I guess I like it just fine up here.) 

Hello winter!  Though don't be fooled, they could care less about the snow.  I tried to point out the whiteness and snow falling the other day to Caden through the patio door, but he was more interested in the door handle (the eating of it) and looking at my pointing finger than looking at, y'know, what I was actually pointing TO.


We've gotten much more of a routine down, which is nice.  A routine that they are BOTH ON.  Wake up between 6-7 in the morning, eat breakfast between 7-7:30.  Nurse and take a nap for about an hour sometime between 9-10.  Wake up, play, eat lunch sometime between 11-noon (depending on the day), more playtime.  Nurse and go down for another hour-ish nap between 1-2:00.  They wake up fussy, (which, WTF?  You just napped!), but it's easily cured with a snack and/or leaving to run an errand.  Playtime until dinner between 5-5:30 (and usually nurse again between 4-4:30), then baths, books, playtime to wear them the hell out before nursing one last time and going to bed, which is usually between 7-7:30.  It's amazing to me that I can put times to these various things.  Previously it was like a shot in the dark to guess when they might nurse or nap or do basically anything...9:00?  11:00?  Maybe?  And I viewed people who had a schedule ("Oh yeah, we run errands after Michael's 10:00 nap."  What?  His "10:00 nap"?  You can associate his nap with a TIME?!?  We just have like, a nap or two.  Probably.  Hopefully.  Sometime during the day.)  to be some sort of magician.  I had read that other people with twins didn't have much of a schedule until their babies were in the 8-10 month range, so I guess that's true here.  Except now I wrote about it on the internet, so that's all gonna go out the window any day now.


Speaking of naps, Brooklyn has been awake for at least a half hour while I've been typing this, and playing happily in her crib.  WITHOUT waking Caden up.  WIN.


And...this is how I found them just now:

It might be hard to tell, but Caden had Brooklyn's pacifier and Brooklyn had Caden's (you can't see it, but it was in her crib).