Week at Nana and Papa's

Tyson was gone for a week at a conference in Philadelphia, and since there is no freaking way I would tackle taking care of two babies on my own for that long, we headed to my parent's house to visit (aka have someone else take over the 2:00 am shift).

Bonus: this was the scenery for most of our drive.

(Not a bonus: babies who are now all too aware of taking a four-hour car ride, resulting in me making part of the trip wedged between their carseats in the back of our Prius.  And I fit.  Buckled, even.  With my hips jammed at an angle.)

This is how Caden feels about the large kitchen Nana and Papa have to crawl around in:

(He's super excited, in case you can't tell.)

(Also super exciting?  Papa has a phone that Caden got to actually touch, instead of having it cruelly yanked away.)

And this is how Brooklyn feels about the large kitchen Nana and Papa have to crawl around in:

(Not too shabby.)

And they were both pretty excited to chase Papa around the island:

This is how they feel after doing all of those laps:

(Oh wait, maybe that was because we decided to wake up just about every hour each night we were there.  And by "we" I mean CADEN.)

This is how mommy feels about waking up every hour several nights in a row:

(Translation: bring coffee.  All of it.)

But then THIS is how mommy feels about going to her favorite apple orchard:

(Also seemed a festive way to celebrate their 8-month birthday.)

(Nana enjoyed it, too.)

(I spy two babies.)

This is how Caden and Brooklyn feel about getting back to Nana and Papa's to do some more floor crawling mischief-getting-into with Uncle Tyler:

(Suddenly: Caden!)

(Brooklyn crawls over the top of Caden approximately 3848 times a day.  He never seems to mind too much.)

This is how Caden feels about going over construction plans while wearing matching white tees and sweats with Papa:

(Don't look too excited, Caden.  It's probably for a sewer or something.)

And THIS is how babies feel when DADDY gets home from his time away:



(That was mommy's reaction, too.)