Post Weekend

We spent some time cuddling, since these two were sick with some runny noses.

(Brooklyn still gave things the thumbs-up, though.)

We also spent some time in front of the mirror.  These two were just fascinated with the babies in the mirror.  It made for the BEST babysitter.  

Although once I pulled the camera out, that was infinitely more fascinating.  Expensive pieces of technology always are.

Needless to say, that mirror got some massive cleaning once the day was through.

Plopping them in front of the mirror meant I got some things done, like cooking...

Baking bread (well, rising bread...)

And baking apples for applesauce.  Caden and Brooklyn will eat up just about anything with cinnamon in it (well, Caden will eat up just about anything...).

So that was all well and good, until immediately following the weekend (like, oh, starting at 3:00 Monday morning) Tyson and I were sick.  Like nasty stomach-bug (food poisoning?) knock-you-off-your-feet kind of sick.  He's better, I'm almost there, and somehow we survived.  Actually we survived with some help from some good friends to watch Caden and Brooklyn for a few hours each day and a delivery of dinner last night.  SOOOO helpful!

Besides the sickness part, this week has been otherwise exciting with Brooklyn both figuring out crawling yesterday (just up and went on her hands and knees, after WEEKS of dragging her belly on the ground), and also cutting her first tooth.  She seems to be exploding in development lately, between crawling, teething, enunciating her "words" more, and sitting up while she plays.