The Saga of Brooklyn

In the six-month update for the twins, I stated that Brooklyn is "very interested in exploring the world around her".

I'm starting to think that was an understatement.

This girl will get her hands on anything and everything she possibly can.  She watches and observes EVERYTHING with interest.  Tyson and I are usually okay with letting her explore to her heart's content, but her efforts to get at the DVDs were just the beginning...

The other day I carried Caden downstairs, then came right back upstairs for Brooklyn. But...I didn't see her.  I seriously had no idea where she was.  She was definitely not on the blankets where I had left her.  In the past forty seconds, I had literally walked downstairs, and then walked back up.

"Brooklyn?" I said.  (Because of course I expected my 6-month old to respond to me with her whereabouts.  "Why here I am, mother".)

Well she DID respond.  Or at least, after saying her name, I noticed a little head peeking at me from around the side of the dresser...


Then a couple of days ago, she rolled and belly-scooted all around the living room, just to wind up...

...completely underneath the chair.  Which I thought she would hate, seeing as she couldn't put her head all the way up, but clearly...

She was having a good time.  At least a half-hour's worth of a good time.  I would like to reiterate that there was a PILE of toys JUST outside the range of this photograph.  But no. Forget toys.

The whole reason to roll under the chair in the first place was to get at the safety and materials tag, of course.

It's apparently quite humorous.  I'll have to roll down there and check it out myself sometime.

Oh and we had to examine the leg of the chair.  Quite interesting.

And then TODAY.


This is what happens when Daddy is in charge.

Just look at that smug little face.  She is so proud of herself.