First "Solid" Food!

On Thursday, the babies had a taste of their first solid food (brown rice cereal mixed with breast milk.  So...mostly breast milk.).  (Also, when I told Tyson that we were going to start them on eating cereal, he thought I meant like actual cereal.  Cheerios maybe.  Or his childhood favorite, Cocoa Krispies.  Powdered brown rice is admittedly much less fun.)


Yay!  We're so happy!  Just going about our little lives as usual.  We have no idea what is about to happen!

Hello crazy lady.  What do you have there?



I'm not sure what just happened.

It's mostly on my face.

And I'm super cute.

Also I may have enjoyed eating my bib more than your so-called "food".

Anyway, we recorded it for posterity:

A few days in, and Caden has figured out that spoon = food.  He opens up his mouth when he sees the spoon.  Brooklyn is still a little unsure...she's pretty good about eating and swallowing once I put the food near her mouth, but doesn't voluntarily open up to eat. We'll see how this goes.