Brooklyn vs. the DVDs

Brooklyn has been fascinated by our (small) collection of DVDs for quite some time, and has been on a quest to get her adorable little hands on them...

Sometimes she tries in earnest to reach for them...

(Pretty sure she is going for "Frozen" in this pic.  Who told her about that already?!?)

And sometimes she just enjoys looking at them.

Hmm...what shall i watch today?

But she has never had any success in actually obtaining any of said DVDs.

When suddenly...

a wild Caden appears!

He is super effective.

(And apparently has chosen season two of Grey's Anatomy.  Wise choice, since it only took another season or two for everything to start going downhill...)

(Wait Grey's Anatomy is STILL on?!?  I just googled and apparently they are going on season ELEVEN.  Who is still watching this?  Also, haven't they pretty much killed off all the main characters now?  I don't understand TV.)


And so it begins...