The Fourth/Second Reception/Big Chip Mega Post!

So we were gone for a 1 1/2 weeks again (for the last and final time this summer!) for the Fourth/second wedding reception/my family's annual vacation to Big Chip.

(If you are a picture-hater, this post is not for you.)

While we were many different places and did a lot of different things, I did notice one theme running through all of the photos I took...






And the big people, too.

(Click below for more...much, much more...)

The Fourth of July featured some cute babies wearing their Stars and Stripes.

(Wearing and/or tasting those stars and/or stripes...)


(I have about 40 photos of Caden with this same blank expression.  Like, "No woman, I shall not indulge your whim of taking photos today.")

(The only photo I have of him semi-smiling.)

Twins holding twins!

Next up: the second reception, where you might have thought we all coordinated our clothing on purpose...

And while getting dressed up is all well and good...

...this is much more my speed.

(Being up at the lake is exhausting.)

Also, nobody loved these babies and they never got held at all:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E




Mommy and Daddy even occasionally got to hold them, too.

(And have a well-deserved cocktail when off of baby-duty.)

And, as evidenced by the absolute LENGTH AND NUMBER OF PICTURES in this post already, Big Chip is the perfect time for family photos:

(Anchor prints everywhere!)

Babies did NOT AT ALL EVEN A LITTLE BIT enjoy having their footsies dipped into the lake.

But I did.

As Tyson said, when we were going through photos last night...

"Wait, why did we leave?"