Post (Mother's Day) Weekend

Flower in a teacup from our mom's group at church.  Easy enough to re-create: green florist's foam, into which you stick some moss, a flower, and some greens in a fabulous old teacup.  I snagged a white and gold one that matched the nursery.

The weekend was beautiful, so on Saturday we dragged a blanket outside for some playtime in the grass.

Little fingers touching grass for the first time.  And how about that chubby baby wrist?

But lest you think it was too idyllic, this is what most of our time outside was actually like:

I think we got through all of twenty minutes before giving it up as a lost cause. Well...we tried.

Then on Sunday morning I woke up to this:

Like, literally woke up to it.  Everything was all laid out and arranged like that when I got up for a feeding at 2 am.  Flowers, chocolates, and (in the bag) a book about cocktails.  The essentials to survive raising twins, apparently.

Mother's Day selfie with two cute twins.  As is typical, Brooklyn is hamming it up in the background while Caden is less sure of the proceedings.  Not pictured: my friend Sara bringing over coffee and everything to make waffles for breakfast (while Tyson was at a math conference in the morning), and then a long walk, ice cream, and church in the afternoon.  Where Brooklyn had a meltdown, because: of course.  And that's the story of how my cocktail book came in handy once we got home.

Just kidding, I didn't drink a cocktail.  

I had a beer.  C'mon, we live in Wisconsin.