San Francisco Phone Dump

San Francisco was a much-needed break.  I get restless if I'm in the same place for too long, and Tyson and I haven't really taken a vacation together since our honeymoon.  And while sometimes it seemed that things didn't go as planned (or that nothing was going as planned)...poor food, a wasted ferry ride, and getting suckered into an expensive meal at a tourist was actually a great trip for us.

Especially when it included breakfast in Union Square every morning.  I wish every morning could start with a vanilla latte, delicious pastries, and just generally relaxing.  Also looking around Union Square and thinking..."Hmm...I think I shall go browse around Tiffany's today..."

Also, the Legion of Honor was AWESOME.  First of all, the building was awesome.  Second, they had an Impressionist exhibit going on, and I am ALL ABOUT the impressionists.

Third, they had their halls set up so you could get glimpses of art like this...

Fourth, Tyson is THINKING next to THE THINKER.  It was too perfect.  Tyson is cuter, though.

So overall we didn't have a fantastic experience with food...but we went to Boulevard which more than made up for everywhere else.  It was one of the best meals I have ever eaten ever.  I don't know what "marble potatoes" are but they were part of my meal, and I ate them, and then I died of happiness.  Over a potato.  The ambiance, the service, the food...everything was perfect.  I am SO glad we made time to go there, and the choice to make that our "date night".

We also took a trolley and RODE HANGING OFF THE SIDE OF THE TROLLEY.  Kay, so I know that real San Franciscoans don't actually ride the trolleys, much less hang off the sides of them, but it felt like quite the quintessentially San Franciscan thing to do.  I wish I could have gotten more photos but...hanging off the side of a trolley with your iPhone seems like a poor life choice.

And Ghirardelli Square.  Where we got chocolate.  And wine.  It was awesome.

This is us trying to get a photo with the Golden Gate bridge in the background.  If you squint you can see it.  I am horrible at getting photos of the two of us when we are out someplace cool, and then Christmas comes around and I have NOTHING for a Christmas card.  And it looks like we've done nothing all year.  It's pathetic.  And this photo is clearly not Christmas-card worthy.  I swear we do things people, I'm just too busy enjoying the things to stop and take photos of myself enjoying the thing I am doing.

But here are more photos of the bridge.  

And Alcatraz.  We didn't take the tour (I'd done it before), but it was still fun to look at.

There was also bread.  Lots of baskets of bread.  

Our other excellent meal was at our future sister-in-law's family's restaurant in Sausalito (that relationship sounds more complicated than it is), which was an adventure.  Attempt #1: Buy tickets for ferry to Sausalito.  Wait much longer than normal for ferry, which is running late due to the plethora of bikers riding ferry.  Board ferry.  Ride ferry.  Step out into Sausalito.  Hair which was perfectly curled is now completely straight due to the strength of the blowing wind.  Have trouble walking straight because of the wind.  Literally walk down the gangplank of the ferry and get a phone call saying that the 70mph winds have blown a power line down, and the restaurant had to close.  Exasperated sigh.  Or several.  Turn around and board last ferry back to San Francisco.

Attempt #2: After a leisurely day, board ferry to Sausalito.  Step our into Sausalito, make it in plenty of time, with no wind and no problems.  Get treated like royalty at the restaurant.  Actually, scratch that, treated like you are a judge on Top Chef.  Get food you didn't even order brought out for you, over and over again.  I think becoming a judge on Top Chef is my new life goal.  It was awesome.

Also...this is what happens when you try to take photos.  And it's windy.  Don't do it.  This is an even worse idea for a Christmas card photo.