Sunny (Purse) Day

It may be a snow-y day (although not a snow day from work...*sigh*), but I did get a little ray of sunshine today.


(Seriously, how cute is this tissue paper?)

(And a charming card with a delightful saying?  In pink?!?  I haven't even gotten to the part that I've paid for yet...)

(Another delightful saying?  On the dust bag??  Of course, kate spade, of course. )

(Ah, here we are...)

(Adorable polka dot lining and all.)

Yes, after waiting and waiting and agonizing and attempting to purchase, and failing to purchase, and multiple emails about final sales...this sunshine-y beauty is mine.  Add in the card, the dustbag, the sayings, and the tissue paper, and it was worth every penny.  I savored opening the package.  I am such a sucker for details.  And the pink card is on this nice, heavy paper and printed with gold lettering...I just have to decide what place of honor it should occupy in our apartment.  I love it all.