Valentine's Weekend

First of all, let us have a moment of silence for Matthew Crawley.








Even though I predicted his death a few episodes ago, I was really hoping that I was wrong.  I was lucky enough to have avoided the blogs and spoilers from the UK, but there was enough foreshadowing that I wasn't entirely surprised.  I felt like I should have been dressed in crepe and mourning all day today...

In happier news, it was Valentine's Day.  I do love holidays.  Sure, maybe they commercialize the heck out of them, but because they are a fun way to break up routine.

I made Tyson I <3 U brownies on Wednesday night.  Served on a heart plate.

Speaking of hearts, I also rocked my new heart blouse on V-Day.  I am nothing if not festive.

I even ate heart (and kiss)-shaped chocolates.  Growing up, my dad would hide these chocolate candies all over the house...under my pillow, in my backpack, in my shoes, my coat pockets...they could be so well hidden that I would find them well into March.  Living away from home means it's much simpler; I receive a package with the candies bundled inside, though it's admittedly much less fun.

Pictured: Day-After-Valentine's-Day-Flowers.  I think that Tyson has learned to never make that mistake again.  

Friday night we got to take in the Minnesota-Wisconsin hockey game here in Mad-town.  It was a fantastic game, the teams played excellent hockey, and Minnesota won 3-2.  So basically it was everything you could want in a hockey game.  Besides the crazy Wisconsinites yelling "SIEVE" at every.  single.  player.  Listen UW-Madison, I get that it's somehow a tradition and all, but it only makes sense if you're yelling it at the goalie.  And only when he makes a mistake.  And besides all that, it's totally annoying.

Sunday night I hosted a Downton party for the season finale.  Drink of the evening was the Pimm's Cup.  I had to *sacrifice* on Saturday and test a couple of concoctions to make sure I had the proportions right.  Someone had to do it.  I finally settled on my own version of the recipe (below), since every recipe I seemed to find was slightly different from all the others.

I also made these stuffed mushrooms, which people go absolutely crazy for.  I love these little guys.

(shannon's version of the) pimm's cup

Some versions only used ginger ale.  Others only used lemonade.  Others used a combination plus a bunch of other things.  This is like the lazy-person's Pimm's Cup.  It's the best of both worlds with the least amount of work.  

1.5 oz.

Pimm's No. 1

4 oz. ginger ale

2 oz. sparkling lemonade (like Limonata)

lemon and/or lime wedges

Add Pimm's, ginger ale, and lemonade to glass, stir.  Add ice.  Garnish with lemon and/or lime wedge.

Now that's the kind of cocktail I can get into making.