Spring Clothes and Sunday Breakfast

I lied.  I realized that I actually love spring clothes.  This happens every year: I go crazy shopping in January because the sales are so good and then I go to the store the following week and all of the spring clothes are out and I'm all like "OMG THE COLORS!"  And then I remember that I thought I only liked fall/winter clothes but I actually love spring clothes, too.  And I think this cycle repeats with every season.  Also with home things-Target has some seriously cute, colorful new home items, which makes me want to re-do everything in our apartment and start over.  This also happens at least once a season.  I would love to be able to re-design everything as the mood strikes...new furniture, new colors, new accessories, new dishes...

Everyone needs a hobby, right?

Despite my preoccupation with spring clothes, I


love my new

heart shirt

.  And I'm just cheesy enough to be ridiculously excited to wear it for Valentine's Day.

{I spy with my little eye a scorched pancake.  It still tasted good.}

This past weekend included making blueberry pancakes and eggs on Sunday.  Because we didn't have to do anything or be anywhere.  And because blueberry pancakes and eggs are delicious.  It also has nothing to do with anything I was just saying above, but that's okay.