Post Weekend

Work and San Pellegrino (leftover from my Pimm's Cup).  What is it that makes San Pellegrino so delicious?  The foil topper?  I don't really know what use the foil top serves, so maybe it is involved in the deliciousness.  Seriously, what's with the foil seal?  It's like a pudding cup, or apple sauce, but when I pull the top off, I still have to do another thing before my drink is actually open.  It's equal parts charming and baffling.

Also best served with a sandwich.  Like cold, roasted chicken and honey mustard.  It's not fancy, but it's good eats.  I actually never knew I liked mustard before I moved to Wisconsin.  Not the yellow stuff you get out of a bottle at summer barbecues, but the really good stuff.

Had a Shannon & Tyson Day on Sunday.  It involved some good things (going to church, Rummikub), some necessary but boring things (meeting with the accountant to do our taxes), and some delicious things (somehow this post is all about food...).  We migrated from Barrique's for coffee... the new DLux near Capitol Square.  The Double Fina Margarita:  Sweet but good.  Also very STRONG.  Burger and parmesan/truffle oil fries: average.  Fries were served in a bowl with sauce drizzled over them, which meant that sauce collected in the bottom of the bowl, leaving a sad pile of overly sauced, soggy fries at the end.  Decor:  Also average.  Definitely a "contemporary" vibe, but like the contemporary that's trying too hard.  As a whole I didn't find it super interesting or imaginative.  Also seems like it could turn kind of night-clubby after a certain hour (also not my thing).  That's probably just the designer in me coming out; most people probably think it just looks cool.  My favorite part was the artwork.  I loved the artwork.  I need to find out who did it.  It looks like they used Sharpies on some sort of acrylic or lucite, and it was fantastic.  I should have taken a close-up shot of the piece above our table.