Weekend Happenings

Right now is my favorite time of the whole entire year to shop for clothes.  The stores go crazy with their post-Christmas sales, scrambling to turn over a lot of product to make room to bring in their spring lines.  This is totally and completely the reason that I have approximately 1,248,097 times more fall/winter clothes than spring/summer ones.  Also because I like fall/winter clothes more than spring/summer ones.  And Christmas and my birthday are both in the winter.  So, anyway, it's most of the reason.

We went to the mall on Friday night to celebrate these sales.  I typically refuse to go on the weekends (too busy/crazy/crowded), and will only go later at night or on a weekday, if I get the chance.  I scooped up the two skirts above and a gorgeous leopard-print silk top from J.Crew all for about $50.00.  Win.  One of my main requirements are that the clothes are something I can still wear now through the cooler part of the spring, (i.e. nothing too blinged out that screams "New Year's Eve" or "Christmas"), because I'm too impatient to purchase something that I can't wear for an entire year.  I also bought a sweater and flannel shirt from Target the weekend before, and boots ($30.00!).  That's more goodness than I've purchased for myself in the previous three months combined.  I love it.

Besides that hubby and I mostly hung out and played our new obsession, Rummikub.  We played it on New Year's Eve at a friend's party and both immediately loved it - surprising for me since it's partly a numbers game.  

We both actually went to Target, separately, at different times, last Thursday, and each purchased the game to surprise the other....when I walked in the door with Rummikub in a Target bag in my hand and found one already sitting on our kitchen table, I was definitely surprised...

Oh, and we also checked out the new Ale Asylum.  Very cool.  Oh, and hockey is back!  So it was a good weekend.