Yesterday was a very NOvember kind of day.

No, I did not just make a typo.

When I was in first grade, my teacher read us a picture book about a boy who did NOT like November, and felt that the month started with the word "no" for a reason.  The whole book was about all of the things that he couldn't do now that it was November.  November meant NO swimming, NO sunshine, NO this, NO that, etc.

I don't really remember the point of the book other than that.  I don't know if the book had a happy ending at all.  Looking back, if the whole point of the book-children's book- was that the month of November is depressing, that's.....well.....depressing.

(Just tried Googling the book.  Can't find it.  However I don't remember the exact title of the book, and definitely not the author, so I'm stuck with search phrases like "November children's picture book" and "NOvember".  ("Did you mean 'November?'")  Doesn't work.)

Anyway, in spite of how depressing the book may have been, I remember really enjoying it.  Though that may have been because after the teacher read us the book, we got to make our own pictures of what NOvember meant to us.  Mostly pictures of NO playing get the idea.  Anyway, whether because of the book itself, or the picture-drawing, I still think about that book every single year in November.

And yesterday was the ultimate NOvember day.

  • NO sunshine.  For at least the 3rd day in a row, no less.  It looked like it was 8:00 at night at around 2:00 in the afternoon.
  • NO leaves.  I miss all of the colors.
  • NO time.  Worked all day.  Taught dance til 9:15.  That's a long day.
  • NO phones.  Our phone system was down at work.  No phone calls, no messages...actually...the quiet was kind of nice...
  • NO food.  Ok, I ate.  But I had leftover pizza for both lunch and dinner.  Yippee.
  • NO warmth.  And rain to boot.  Boo.
  • NO hubby.  Gone on a conference through Saturday.  Which also meant...
  • NO snuggles.  Honestly, how's a girl to keep warm?
  • It's worth noting that, like my 1st-grade self, I also did NO swimming and NO playing outside.




And, like the November book we read, this post really has no happy ending.  Maybe that it's only 2 days and 6 hours until Tyson gets back

Maybe not.

The end.